Look Into The Mirror (Post Jam)

A simple narrative/platformer for LD#33
Theme: You Are The Monster

IMPORTANT: This is the post jam version, if you're judging for Ludum Dare, play the original version on the link after the text below!

The idea came up pretty late so I had to build it fast and simple.

A monster doesn't have to be ugly, smelly or hairy to be a monster.

Sometimes the monster is inside all of us.

When we forget about friends and leave'em behind, when we don't give attention to our loved ones, when we focus on too much work and no family time, when we forget to take care of ourselves, when we drink too much and go crazy...

Normally we keep this monster tamed and controlled. But this game is about when we let this monster take control of us, it's about facing the memories of the things we did while under control, it's about frustration, it's about redemption because, sooner or later, we will all have to face this monster inside all of us in the mirror.

This one doesn't have a good ending.

Play The Original LD#33 Version Here

Made using ClickTeam Fusion 2.5, Inchworm (Nintendo DSi), PyxelEdit, AmpKit + Guitar, FLStudio and BFXR.


yuigoto-ld33-look-into-the-mirror-post-jam.exe 7 MB

Install instructions

Just run it!