Spindulum is a minimalistic action game.

  • You're a red dot attached to a collector.
  • Orange dots makes you grow, Blue makes you shrink.
  • Rotate your collector left and right to gobble the orange dots, avoiding the blue ones.
  • Gobble as much as orange dots needed to grow and fill the gray area.
  • When you're big enough, press LEFT AND RIGHT to explode and advance to the next level.
  • If you shrink to less than half the initial size, it's game over.


Code, art and music by Fabio Y. Goto

Programmed in Haxe/OpenFL using FlashDevelop.

Audio recorded and created with FL Studio.

Special Thanks

My whole family, which let me do what I wanted with my own life, even if it meant go against opinions. :)

Robert Rudiger, for the collab work opportunity, late-night conversations about our in-development JS engine, other code, games and general subjects! :)

To a LOT of people on Twitter, the LD IRC channel and commenters.

Thank You for playing the game, or even just visiting this page! :)

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withOpenFL
TagsExperimental, Ludum Dare 34, Minimalist, repetitive
Code licenseMIT License


ld34-spindulum-v1.0.1-web.zip 7 MB

Install instructions

Download and run "Spindulum".


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I love the way each type of dot makes a different sound when collected and that the sound goes well with the background music. Good fun!

Thanks! :) I kinda did that at the last moment during the jam, because I didn't want something that would interfere with the song. :)

I'm rewriting some things about this game soon (I kinda wanted to make a better full version of it), I hope it'll be a fun game! :)