Spindulum is a minimalistic action game.

  • You're a red dot attached to a collector.
  • Orange dots makes you grow, Blue makes you shrink.
  • Rotate your collector left and right to gobble the orange dots, avoiding the blue ones.
  • Gobble as much as orange dots needed to grow and fill the gray area.
  • When you're big enough, press LEFT AND RIGHT to explode and advance to the next level.
  • If you shrink to less than half the initial size, it's game over.


Code, art and music by Fabio Y. Goto

Programmed in Haxe/OpenFL using FlashDevelop.

Audio recorded and created with FL Studio.

Special Thanks

First and foremost, to my fiancée, Glauce. She gives me inspiration and energy in every possible way, every day in my life. LOVE YOU LOTS! >3< ~♥

My whole family, which let me do what I wanted with my own life, even if it meant go against opinions. :)

Robert Rudiger, for the collab work opportunity, late-night conversations about our in-development JS engine, other code, games and general subjects! :)

To a LOT of people on Twitter, the LD IRC channel and commenters.

Thank You for playing the game, or even just visiting this page! :)


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I love the way each type of dot makes a different sound when collected and that the sound goes well with the background music. Good fun!

Thanks! :) I kinda did that at the last moment during the jam, because I didn't want something that would interfere with the song. :)

I'm rewriting some things about this game soon (I kinda wanted to make a better full version of it), I hope it'll be a fun game! :)