A sorta infinite runner for the claustrophobic. Unlock your way out and don't get crushed!

You're locked in a corridor and a wall is coming in from one of the corridor's ends, your only way out to not get crushed is the locked door on the other side, but is it really the exit?

Numbers appear on the dial and you start turning it while the wall's shadow come closer and closer.


About the game

While I was struggling to find what to do for LOWREZJAM 2018, Ludum Dare 42 started and I decided I'd build a game for both jams, this is the result.

I nearly gave up the development of this game Sunday night, but while playing games with my fiancée, I had some ideas and rushed the code on Monday.

The result of that rush is the LD42 version of this game, available here:


IMPORTANT: if you're judging for Ludum Dare, consider this link, do not judge based on this entry for LOWREZJAM version, please!


  • Left/Right Arrows: turn the dial;
  • Enter Key: Start the game, go back to title.

Graphics, Audio and Code by Fabio Y. Goto.
Graphics done in Aseprite.
Audio recorded in an iPad 2 and mixed/sequenced in FL Studio.
Written in TypeScript with Phaser in WebStorm.

As always, dedicated to my fiancée, Glauce. Because she helped me gain inspiration just at the right time! ♥

Published 33 days ago
Made withPhaser
TagsLOWREZJAM, Minimalist

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